Monday, February 15, 2010

Doctor Shoal has made Blogging History in 2010

I proudly display these Sunshine to Beautiful awards from Sandee of Comedy Plus

Audrinna of Audrinna World gave Sandee three awards; the Sunshine award, the Sugar Doll award and the Beautiful Blogger award. Thank you so much Audrinna from Doctor Shoal, because this was the conduit for my own medical achievement awards.
Sandee had these amazing words to say ....

" I pass these three awards to everyone in my buddy list. That includes my personal doctor, Doctor Shoal "

This will be up on the clinic bulletin board tomorrow. What a day!

Friday, January 8, 2010


This post was written by by Doctor Shoal.

novelette by Doctor Shoal old photo After getting my PHD'ed Genius Doctoring Degree, I was ready for adventure, and wanted to give something to those with nothing. Instead of working at some fancy clinic with electricity and medicines, I excepted work in Malayshiana, and soon opened the very first Hollydale Clinic. We practiced with care, and did surgery with steak knives and whisky. The only charges made for our labors were fruit and chickens. It was a very happy and fulfilling time in my life, but I was dipping into the whisky a little too often.

novelette by Doctor Shoal drinking bum & junkie Before I knew what hit me, I found myself on skid row in TiePay. Every day was a test of how to make enough money for my booze and a pack of camels. Usually, I found myself making out with a toothless and fowl woman from the poultry canning plant down the road. My one rule? .... "NO FRENCHING". Yes, my scruples were at an all time low.

novelette by Doctor Shoal Lighthouse Shoal on the detroit river To purge myself, and become one with my Che`, I took a sabbatical on the island of serenity ... owned by Miss Moneypenny CPU . Yes, this is the Shoal Lighthouse on the Detroit river. My daily duties kept me busy .... and soon I was sober. Days there were lonely without a doubt, but at least I was not a drunken street gigolo any more. With my new found inner strength, I paddled to shore, and ventured back into Doctoring work.

novelette by Doctor Shoal & Doctor Pepper Skins vegetable boy The first person to give me another chance was Doctor Pepper, an old friend from college. I owe him a lot, and regard him as my Caliente` mentor. Medical faith in me quickly improved, and soon I was right there in the swing of things at the golf course. Monday and Tuesday were "on duty" at the Hospital, even though I hate working two days in a row. It seemed a small price to pay for my life back.

novelette by Doctor Shoal nurse pain Veronica Croutons and her corndog cathedars There was only one stymie in the mix. The head nurse there , (Veronica Croutons) was a succubus ... and MEAN! She made me miserable. I hate to say this, but I had evil thoughts sometimes, and even made a few false allegations against her. She was fired after my claim that she put corn dogs up patient's urethras.

novelette by Doctor Shoal nurses station The nurses station was fine after that, but it needed something .... someone with a flair and talent for healing. Someone who was kind, witty, and - well, you know.

Doctor Shoal and Nusre Hugankiss novelette by Doctor Shoal

That's when I met Amanda Hugankiss, the finest head "transplant"... nurse in the business. She was a pure joy to work with, and rather than loose her to Doctor Pepper, we started our own clinic together back in Hollydale.
That was 5 years ago ...
Today, the Doctor Shoal / Hugankiss Hospital has grown to a full service, state of the art facility. We are regarded as a world wide leader and authority on new procedures, expert patient care, and outstanding recovery rates. Honestly, without the help of Nurse Huggans, the dream I am living now may have never happened. We decided to open our "
medical doors" to the public, and both have blogs about our life and adventures at the clinic.

Make sure to stop in for more incredible news every week, both here at the Doctor Shoal's, and Doctor Shoal's first patient ... Drowsey monkey drowseY MONKEY drowsey MONKEYat the "Nurse Amanda Hugankiss Blogspot"

... also see Just Playing Doctor and Nurse , a commentary of actual comments.

From the archives - (right) this is the very first patient at the Clinic, Doctah Shoal's Favourite Patient (LOL!) Drowsey Monkey.

Ahhh, such wonderful memories.<

Monday, July 27, 2009

Award from Mimi (for doctoring)

See you tomorrow with The Queen's Meme my memeing pal and hot dungeon Queen .... Doctah SHOAL