Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doctor Shoal Transit Station

No ... I am NOT SPAM.

I created this blog to have an avatar and identity for a Mr. Shoal ... Doctor Shoal, to be more specific.
Doctor Shoal is a character that was born in a line of comments at my MAIN blog, the SPEEDCAT HOLLYDALE PAGE. A blog for Doc Shoal followed soon there-after. The sister to the Doctor Shoal blog is Nurse Huggankiss ... I AM NOT NURSE HUGGANKISS as some have thought. Very funny, but untrue.

If you are here, it is a direct result of clicking the Doctor Shoal Avatar. To find the real me, Speedcat Hollydale, go back to the About Me blogger page and click "MY WEB PAGE"

The actual blog, "Doctor Shoal", can be found by going to, or by clicking the PICTURE Above.

This is NOT the Doctor Shoal Blog.

Happy Doctoring!!!